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 “He leaves when the job is done ” Aspenlord Ltd client .
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Guinness World Record Holder: This is a favourite with a lot of people as Richard arrives in the shirt which was presented to him by the Guinness book of record officials. It is very popular as it highlights the credibility of having one of the top close up magicians in the country at your event.

As himself. Richard is a magician, compere and a trained graphologist Richard can give character reading of your guest’s handwriting that they can take away with them

After all people like to know about themselves
Richard is the Guinness World Record holder for the longest magic show and is also one of the UK’s top magicians as well as a magic consultant for the TV and Film industry.and is available for; Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate events, Trade shows, Dinner shows, Product launches, Mix and mingle, Meet & greet, Private parties, Anniversaries, Table magic and more...

Guinness World Record Holder:
Tommy Cooper
The Swindler:
As Himself
Whether Richard is performing magic as Tommy Cooper, the Swindler, or as himself, it is always entertaining and to the highest standard.

Richard will put your family, friends, clients and customers at ease enabling your event to run smooth and stress free. After all, you want it to be remembered for all the right reasons.... Aspenlord Ltd
The Swindler. Your guests will be offered the chance to win an assortment of prizes and the most they will ever lose is 1p (the swindler will take the 1p after all, the Swindler has a reputation to uphold!). It is fun, frustrating, and totally different to any gambling night your guests will have experienced before.

Tommy Cooper .Richard will perform the magic of comedy legend Tommy Cooper which can only end up with laughter all the way, rekindling the memories of this comic genius.
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